Sabtu, 02 Februari 2013


There are a lot of environment issues around us, such as increase in population, pollution, global warming, trash, flood, waste, uncertain season, etc. These make many people do a real action to save the environment. One way to save the environment is tree planting. People in the big city who does not have vacant land in their house are suggested to plant flowers in pots, and people in the village who have large land in their house are suggested to plant trees.

We know that Indonesia has the largest rainforest in Asia which functions as lungs for the world. Unfortunately, there are many people who want to destroy the forest; for the examples are mining companies which destroy the forest to get the land for their mine resource, paper companies cut the trees wildly from the forest, some companies cut the trees from the forest and take the wood as their commodities, etc. Not all of the companies do reforestation and it gives an effect to the decrease of the forest area in Indonesia.

Trees and forests have a close relationship with environment; reduction of forest area will give negative effect to the environment. The increase of environmental temperature, decrease of water absorption area, flood in urban area, extinction of some animals and plants species are some effects of the decrease of forest area.

I remember that 2 years ago after Merapi Mountain erupted extremely, many forests were damaged. There were a lot of communities and college students did some actions to replant Merapi Mountain area. I love voluntary activity. I heard that Atmajaya University would held tree planting activity in Merapi Mountain area. I was interested and persuaded some of my friends to join that event, but unfortunately on the day of that event I could not join because I should take care of my college matters.

I hope that young generation of Indonesia to be more care about the environment issues and participate to keep their environment. :)

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