Kamis, 31 Januari 2013


A few days ago, I and some friends of Jogja English watched a movie titled The Terminal. The movie was so funny and interesting, I thought that the movie is classified as a drama comedy movie. Sometimes, we cried and laughed together in the middle of the movie because of the dialog in the movie. The Terminal was a movie about a man named Victor Navorsky who trapped in the New York airport because his passport and visa are rejected. His home nation, Krakozhia was in war and revolution, so United States recognized Krakozhia as not a country because it had no government. Mr. Navorsky could not go out from the airport, he could not enter United States and could not come back to Krakozhia, although he wanted go to New York City. Mr. Narvorsky could not speak English; it made him found some difficulties to speak with the airport officers. He got some difficulties to get foods for him because his food voucher given by airport officer is gone. He felt so lonely and did not know what would he do. He returned vacant baggage trolleys to the machine to get money to buy some foods. He trapped in the airport for a long time (almost 9 months) and he started to learn to speak English. He lived in the airport, got some friends and fell in love with a beautiful stewardess there. He got some troubles because the head of the New York airport wanted dissipate him out off the airport.

I did not watch the movie until the end, if I were the director of that movie, I will arrange that in the end of the movie Mr. Navorsky could enter United States to finish his business in New York and then go back to his home nation. Sadly, Mr. Navorsky could not continue his relationship with the stewardess because the girl would not follow Mr. Navorky to live in Krakozhia. It is a sad ending, isn't it, huh?

I learn something from this movie, LIFE IS WAITING...

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